окт. 122009

Tarja Turunen

Два часа чисто удоволствие.

Подробностите – утре

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Jonathan Lewis в София

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окт. 122009

Dear Reader,
The first time I heard about Jonathan was in short email from Cary Millsap (after he left Oracle and formed Hotsos) with a pointer to Jonathan’s sexy and easy-to-remember web address http://www.jlcomp.daemon.co.uk/ and a short question: „Ever heard about this guy? Seems pretty smart.“

Pretty smart, indeed. I have called Jonathan „the future Dave Esnor“, but even that is not doing him full justice. He writes incredibly well. He even has the guts to tell an audience of more then 500 people that he considers his book the second-best on the market, with Tom Kyte’s first book being, well, the first. That might be so, but reading his book is still pure pleasure to me, and it would still be one of the three Oracle-related books I would bring to the famous desert island.

He forces the rest of us to ever higher standards when it comes to testing, testing, and testing (to destruction) before we write or claim anything. And he constantly reminds us that this of that experiment or observation is only true for this or that version of Oracle under this or that condition.

He shares any insights he gains with the World, and is in that and other respects the scientist we all want to become one day. He somehow finds time to answer more questions on comp.server.databases.oracle and the Oracle-L list than most. He teaches as he used to be a teacher (a teacher, that is, who cared about his job). Which he was, by the way. His presentations are always well prepared, well timed, and well worth your time.
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С тези думи Mogens Nørgaard започва представянето на Jonathan Lewis, един от авторите на „Oracle Insights: Tales of the Oak Table„. Само това да беше, пак щях да хукна към двата семинара, който ще се проведе другата седмица. А съм чел и немалко неща, писани от него. Убеден съм, че който дойде, няма да съжалява.

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