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Brendan Gregg от FISHworks екипа на Сън показва колко лошо е човек да крещи на storage-а си:

До такива важни открития стига човек когато има твърде много техника и поне малко свободно време. Замислям се как ли се е стигнало до забелязването на този ефект? Какво ли са правили изнурените инженери от FISHworks за да се прояви?

P.S. Отговорът намерих тук:

I found this when investigating an intermittent latency issue caused by vibration on disk missing a drive bracket screw (which Adam found once before). After reinserting the disk, I enabled additional Analytics to get a good trace of the effect – but it wasn’t reproducing. I was trying to figure out why, and wondering how close the disk was to the vibration point – when I shouted at it to give it some extra vibration. This worked better than expected, and caused issues in all the disks I was shouting at, not just the missing screw one. I was using the Analytics by-disk breakdown to map where I was shouting at (although in the video I shouted a bit too loud, and vibrated most disks in both JBODs). If I can get the missing screw issue to reproduce, I’ll post a blog entry with the screenshots.

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