юни 152007

Попадна ми тази брилянтна статия относно Abject-Oriented Programming. Много добро описание на най-разпространената техника за програмиране по цял свят. Пълна с мъдри дефиниции като:

… Code is polymorphic when it gives different outputs for different kinds of inputs…


A virtual class or function is code that the application will eventually need, but it isn’t written yet.


A fragile base class is a class or module that has been in the application for a long time, and any change to it will break the rest of the application.

Има и мъдри съвети относно добрите практики на писане на код:

Overloading is when a module or chunk of code does more than one thing. An example would be a subroutine to get a customer’s name, email address, and state sales tax rate. Using overloaded functions cuts down on method dispatching, which is one of the reasons other programming styles can result in slow code.


… overloading is when data is passed to a function or module in globals because too many function parameters overload the compiler … when variables are kept in globals there’s no need for garbage collection.

Брилянтно! Просто задължително настолно четиво за всички минали, настоящи и бъдещи програмисти

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